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5-Unit Multifamily

Investor purchases a a multi-unit short term rental in booming Missoula

What to Look for On a Fix and Flip Loan

For any first time flippers, the process of finding the funds needed to purchase and renovate a property can be a challenge with the speed that is required in today’s market. There are several options available to real estate investors (hard money loan or conventional bank financing) to find the financing for fix and flip

Fix and Flip Loans for Beginners

For new real estate investors, one of the best avenues for getting started in real estate investing is through flipping houses. House flippers find a distressed property, purchase the property at a discounted price, invest in the rehab and profit from the new market value. Shows such as Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop have

ARV Meaning & How to Calculate It

Real estate investing is all about the numbers. Before jumping into a project, it’s important to be sure that the numbers make sense and there is an opportunity for a strong return on investment. When researching a desired investment property, real estate investors need to look at a variety of numbers and must be able

Austin, Texas Housing Market Overview

Austin, Texas is seen by many as one of the fastest growing housing markets in the United States. With companies such as Tesla and Apple opening regional and corporate offices, hundreds of new residents are moving to Austin every day. This migration, coupled with a world famous live music scene, great food and great schools, has