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Austin Housing Report | November 2022

Texas Hard Money Loans

Rocket Homes recently published their monthly report on the Austin housing market. This report detailed year-over-year changes in sold prices, number of homes listed for sale, and other stats that provide a look into the current state of the Austin housing market. In this post, we’ll look at three takeaways and what they mean for

Why Everyone is Talking About the Medium-Term Rental Strategy


If you’ve been staying up on the latest in the real estate investing world, you’ve probably heard the term “medium-term rentals” on forums, podcasts, YouTube, and more—BiggerPockets even just released a book about the strategy. Investors nationwide are adding medium-term rentals to their portfolios and enjoying the massive cash flow.   So, what are medium-term

Easy Street Capital Reaches $1 Billion in Bridge Originations


  Easy Street Capital has surpassed $1 billion in 2022 year-to-date bridge loan originations. Despite recent market changes, Easy Street has consistently grown at a rapid pace boosted by innovative product offerings and an unmatched commitment to meeting the needs of real estate investors.   EasyFix, Easy Street’s fix-and-flip bridge loan program, has one of

How to Successfully Sell a Fix and Flip Property


The last touch of paint has been applied, the appliances have been installed and the contractor has been paid. The rehab on a fix and flip project is done! All the hard work has paid off and now it’s time for the investor to get the property listed on the market and collect their hard-earned

Short Term Rental Lending Options – Maturing and Growing Fast!

It’s hard to remember sometimes, but Airbnb is only 13 years old, founded in August 2008 at the height of the real estate mortgage crisis.   While there have been ups and downs over the years, its impact on the short term rental industry is undeniable. The growth of short term rentals empowered everyday people

3 Mistakes That Can Make a Flip a Flop


For new real estate investors, finding a home and flipping it is a great way to break into real estate and grow a portfolio that puts them on the path towards financial freedom. However, no matter how easy HGTV makes flipping houses seem, it’s not quite as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint

BRRRR Spotlight: A Lending Partner All the Way Through

Generally, there are two main strategies real estate investors use to create massive wealth and financial freedom from real estate.   • Adding value from rehabbing and renovation, where investors take a run down or unloved property, rehab and renovate and create value through creating a newly hospitable home with the finished product worth more

Best Way to Finance your Short-Term Rentals

Finding the Right Financing for Your Airbnb Can Make All the Difference. Hosts that nail the numbers and combine their capital with the right loans can create life-changing wealth through real estate. Choosing the wrong loan and lender could leave you with headaches, lost deals, and worst of all, a money-losing portfolio. Identifying the correct short

Texas Hard Money Loans

Texas Hard Money Loans

They say everything’s bigger in Texas and real estate is no different. Booming markets like Austin, Dallas, and Houston have seen people flock from all over the country to take advantage of the opportunity and stability that Texas provides.   With companies like Tesla and Indeed calling Texas home, the growth is not expected to