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Easy Street Capital Reaches $1 Billion in Bridge Originations


  Easy Street Capital has surpassed $1 billion in 2022 year-to-date bridge loan originations. Despite recent market changes, Easy Street has consistently grown at a rapid pace boosted by innovative product offerings and an unmatched commitment to meeting the needs of real estate investors.   EasyFix, Easy Street’s fix-and-flip bridge loan program, has one of

How to Request a Draw

If you are a new Easy Street Capital borrower, you probably are wondering “How do I get ahold of my renovation money?”

Reasons to Invest in New Construction

EasyBuild New Construction Loans

For those who are wary of flipping an older, outdated home, a new construction project is a great investment to look into. Whether you are building to sell, or building to rent, there are many great investor benefits to building residential properties.

Fall In Love with Your Contractor

Love is in the air! The time surrounding Valentine’s Day allows us to celebrate the great relationships we share with the loved ones in our lives. It can also be a time to reflect on the relationships that are not so great. Finding the right contractor is a very important step when it comes to