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How to Successfully Sell a Fix and Flip Property

The last touch of paint has been applied, the appliances have been installed and the contractor has

Short Term Rental Lending Options – Maturing and Growing Fast!

It’s hard to remember sometimes, but Airbnb is only 13 years old, founded in August 2008 at the height

3 Mistakes That Can Make a Flip a Flop

For new real estate investors, finding a home and flipping it is a great way to break into

BRRRR Spotlight: A Lending Partner All the Way Through

Generally, there are two main strategies real estate investors use to create massive wealth and financial freedom from

Best Way to Finance your Short-Term Rentals

Finding the Right Financing for Your Airbnb Can Make All the Difference. Hosts that nail the numbers and combine their capital
5 Common Misconceptions About BRRRR

5 Misconceptions About the BRRRR Method of Real Estate Investing

The BRRRR method of real estate investing (Buy ➡️ Rehab ➡️ Rent ➡️ Refinance ➡️ Repeat) has become a popular