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The Rules to Flip By

Pick the brains of a team that’s flipped 2,500 homes in Texas and California. We compiled our absolute best advice for investors in this industry guide. Whether or not you decide to borrow from Easy Street, The Rules to Flip By is a useful resource for all fix and flip investors!

Fix and Flip Loans Guide

Just getting started? Never flipped a property before? No problem! Our Fix and Flip Loans Guide covers all the basic information fix and flip investors need to know in 2024! Click the link below and get started on your fix and flip journey today!

Design Guide

Design the perfect home for your next project! Over the years, we've had the opportunity to see some amazing renovations done by our investors. With their help, we put together this Design Guide to help new investors (or seasoned) see what's most popular with today’s buyers!

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View our recent Fix & Flip Fundings - A collection of some of our favorite deals we've funded recently!


Blog Posts & Resources:

Fix and Flip Loans for Beginners - Information for new real estate investors to learn about fix and flip loans.

Fix and Flip Loans for Experienced Investors - Information about fix and flip loans for more experienced real estate investors.

Fix and Flip Key Metrics: ARV, LTV & LTC - Learn more about the three most important metrics for fix and flip loans.

Best Markets for Fix and Flip Investments - Our top picks for the best fix and flip markets.

What to do When Your Flip Won’t Sell - Discover your options when you can't sell the property you intended to flip.


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