Easy Street Capital is proud to be a leading private lender for the Prairie State! We offer industry leading DSCR Loans for Illinois Real Estate Investors. Easy Street Capital is the investment property loan provider for real estate investors of all experience levels and specialties, including popular strategies such as Short Term Rentals, and the BRRRR Method! Our Illinois DSCR Loans are perfect rental loans for the long-term real estate investor looking for cash flow.


Check out the rest of this Illinois Investment Property Loans page for all the information you need on our loan programs. Check out recently funded rental loans in the Land of Lincoln, information on all of our loan programs, FAQs, market analysis and more! To talk to one of our Illinois Rental Loan specialists today, click the link below!

Program Terms

  1. Rates starting at 9.900%
  2. Up to 90% LTC / 70% LTV
  3. 48 Hour Closes!

Program Terms

  1. Rates starting at 5.99%
  2. Up to 80% LTV
  3. No minimum DSCR!

Program Terms

  1. Rates starting at 10.900%
  2. Up to 85% LTC / 65% LTV
  3. Fastest draws in the industry!

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Illinois Investment Property Loans FAQs

Illinois Fix and Flip Loans

Illinois real estate investors use hard money primarily for speed, higher leverage, and greater flexibility. Borrowers use Easy Street Capital for the reasons mentioned previously but also because of our relationship focus and reliability - capital you can count on!

Easy Street Capital prides itself on reliability. Our Illinois borrowers know that the terms we issue up front are the same terms at funding. Easy Street Capital will review your application and provide you with an EasyFix loan term sheet within 24 hours. No surprises! No junk fees! Easy Street Capital is truly an asset based lender.

Easy Street Capital's EasyFix program requires a minimum credit score of 600.

Illinois interest rates for hard money loans range from 9.9%-11.9%, 1.5-3 points, and a $1495 document fee. Please inquire about custom terms for experienced borrowers.

This will vary based on the particular loan, but typically the borrower will have to put in a down payment of at least 10% for a fix and flip loan in Illinois.

Yes – our loans can fund the purchase and renovation costs for properties in Illinois.

Typically we do not have any prepayment penalties on Fix and Flip loans in Illinois.

Easy Street Capital has full discretion which allows us to fund your Illinois Fix and Flip loan in as little as 48 hours if all parties are prepared to close.

Illinois DSCR Loans

Loans on Illinois Rental Properties generally range from 5.99% to 9.99% as of 2024. The rate offered will depend primarily on three factors; your credit score, the DSCR ratio and the LTV ratio. Additional factors include also determine the rate include loan structure, prepayment penalty terms and loan purpose, more advanced analysis of how to get the lowest rate are included in this article. In addition, borrowers can pay more “points” or higher closing fees to lower or “buy down” the interest rate on a rental property loan.

Illinois rental loans require a minimum loan amount of $100,000 and a maximum loan amount of $3,500,000. Portfolio, or “Blanket” rental loans have a minimum loan amount of $225,000 and must have three or more properties in the portfolio.

Illinois rental loans require a minimum down payment of 20% for rental loans for purchases of rental properties.

Yes – our rental loans can finance all sorts of investment property strategies in Illinois, including long-term rentals, medium-term rentals and vacation rentals. Not only are vacation rentals eligible, but Easy Street Capital is a leader in financing vacation or short term rental loans with qualifying rental income from sources such as AirDNA and full eligibility in seasonal vacation markets. Check out our free STR Revenue Estimator Tool here!

Yes – EasyRent loans are first-time investor friendly, and we do not have any restrictions or limits on Illinois loan offerings to first time investors. We are dedicated to helping real estate investors start the journey to financial freedom and love to help people get started!

Yes – in fact we recommend borrowing through an LLC (however borrowing as an individual is OK in most states). We require a full guaranty for anyone who has more than 25% of ownership of the entity and allow up to four separate guarantors on each loan.

Yes – vacant Illinois properties are fully eligible for rental loans from Easy Street Capital. We will use the market rent (as determined by the appraisal) to project cash flows for the property. Additionally, if planned to utilize the property as a short term or vacation rental, we can utilize projects from industry data providers to qualify the loan.

Illinois Construction Loans

Interest rates range from 10.9%-11.9%, 1.5-3 points, and a $1495 document fee. Please inquire about custom terms for experienced borrowers.

Easy Street Capital's EasyBuild program requires a minimum credit score of 680.

This will vary based on the particular loan, but typically the borrower will have to put in a down payment of at least 15% for a ground-up construction loan in Illinois.

Easy Street Capital determines Loan To Value (LTV) calculations based on our in-house valuation of the Illinois property. In most cases the max LTV is 65% for our EasyBuild program.

You can apply for a loan by filling out the 1-minute loan app. Click here to get started!

You will submit your draw request form with all supporting documents such as invoices and/or receipts to Easy Street Capital will then generate and provide a link to our inspection phone app. This app will be used to take photos of progress at the property. A third-party inspection is available at borrower request or at Easy Street’s discretion.

1-2 business days from the time everything is provided to Easy Street.