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Investing in short term rentals continues to be one of the fastest growing and popular real estate investing strategies in 2023.  Real estate investors from across the country are charting a course to financial freedom through building short term rental portfolios.  It continues to be an exciting space as innovation and growth continue to occur everyday.  Lenders such as Easy Street Capital continue to pioneer leading loan options for STR investors and help investors scale and build wealth.  The best and most successful short term rental investors need more than a great lender to succeed – they need a complete knowledge base and to stay up to date with all the rapid changes in the industry.  This includes top data providers on best markets, information on the best management companies, pricing engines and other vendors.  But hearing from other short term rental investors – their strategies, successes, and yes, failures – is key.  Luckily, there is a wealth of podcasts for Short Term Rentals that provide all this information all the time!  And for free!  This article will outline some of the best Short Term Rental podcasts for 2023.


Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast



The Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast, hosted by Michael Sjogren and Emanuele Pani, is easily one of the best Short Term Rental podcasts out there.  The podcast dedicates itself to providing actionable content that helps new and seasoned real estate investors launch, automate, and scale their Airbnb business. Thus fast-tracking their journey to financial freedom.  The hosts do a fantastic job of interviewing a wide variety of experienced investors in short term rentals.  These successful investors often give entertaining stories about their investing career and provide great tips for the audience.


The podcast often focuses on the “scaling” aspect of short term rental investing.  This typically means coverage of strategies to move from dabbling to building a large portfolio.  Michael and Emanuele do a great job of pushing guests to share how they solved and continue to solve the inevitable obstacles of growing a Airbnb business.  This is one of the best podcasts for short term rentals. Especially due to the focus on embracing technology and new trends.  This podcast for example, has been on the forefront of the “mid term rentals” trend.  In addition, they were extremely early to the trend of utilizing ChatGPT for short term rental investing!


Living Off Rentals



Kirby Atwell hosts the Living Off Rentals Podcast, which provides valuable insights for real estate investors. This includes those investing in short term rentals. The podcast features weekly interviews with experienced investors. They typically share their best practices, advice, and insights into potential investing pitfalls to avoid. Although the podcast targets a general real estate investor audience, its true mission is to help people who are able to invest in real estate “full time” and no longer have to work a W-2 job. Many investors aim to achieve financial freedom through owning a real estate investment portfolio. This podcast is an excellent resource for those on that path.


This show is also great for real estate investors that embrace the short term rentals niche. This podcast has been trending towards short term rentals vs. long-term rentals over the last couple of years.  Why is this?  Short Term Rentals typically earn twice as much or more than long-term rentals. This produces the robust cash flow needed for achieving financial freedom.


The Short Term Show



The Short Term Show, hosted by Avery Carl, is a great podcast for those interested in short term rentals. The podcast provides insights into the world of short term rentals. It offers tips and strategies for building a successful rental business.


Avery Carl is an experienced real estate investor who specializes in short term rentals. She provides valuable insights on topics such as how to find the right properties, how to market your rentals, and how to manage them effectively. She also shares her experiences and strategies for building a successful rental business.


One of the unique features of the podcast is its focus on the short term rentals in specific geographic areas. Avery Carl provides valuable insights into the rental market in different cities and states. This makes it a great resource for investors looking to invest in diverse markets.


The Short Term Show is particularly great for investors who are just starting out in the short term rental market. Avery Carl provides practical advice and actionable insights that help new investors get started on the right foot. She also shares valuable insights and strategies that can help experienced investors take their rental business to the next level.  For investors that like books in addition to podcasts, Avery wrote the BiggerPockets best-seller “Short-Term Rental Long-Term Wealth” which is also extremely helpful for investors in short term rentals!


Overall, The Short Term Show is a great podcast for anyone interested in short term rentals. With its focus on practical advice and actionable insights, it is a valuable resource for investors looking to build a successful rental business.  For investors that have experience and expertise in flipping and are interested in short term rentals, this episode is highly recommended.  The “AirBnBRRRR” strategy is a great combination of real estate investing through renovations and short term rentals!


 Hassle Free RE



Another great podcast for real estate investors, including those investing in short term rentals, is Hassle Free RE, hosted by Dave and Kim Menapace. The podcast provides valuable insights and tips on how to invest in real estate without the hassle.


The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to real estate investing, including short term rentals. Dave and Kim Menapace are experienced real estate investors who share their strategies and experiences to build a successful real estate portfolio. They also interview other successful real estate investors who share their insights and tips for success.


Hassle Free RE is focused on using real estate as a means to achieve financial freedom. The hosts provide practical advice on how to build a portfolio of rental properties that produce robust income.


The podcast is particularly great for investors who are looking for a holistic approach to real estate investing. The hosts provide insights on how to find the right properties, how to manage them effectively, and how to use real estate to achieve long-term financial goals.  Since they are also real estate agents, a unique twist to this podcast is their insights on how to leverage that career into success in investing.


Real Estate Rookie



Ashley Kehr and Tony Robinson host The Real Estate Rookie Podcast by BiggerPockets. This is one of the best podcasts for short term rentals, even though it focuses on general real estate investing. The podcast often features guests who are just getting started in real estate investing and are considered “rookies.” For individuals who are starting their journey to financial freedom, The Real Estate Rookie Podcast is a great resource.


Since investing in short term rentals continues to be one of the most popular real estate investing strategies, this podcast features a lot of short term rental content.  Additionally, one of the hosts, Tony Robinson, is a prolific short term rental investor.  Its a good bet that at least one thing short term rental related will be mentioned on each episode.


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