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Easy Street Capital is America’s leading lender for Real Estate Wholesalers. Read below to find out why the country’s largest Real Estate Wholesaling groups are using Easy Street Capital’s EasyFix and EasyBuild products to get their deals funded. Got any questions? Ready to get started? Click the button below and partner with Easy Street Capital today!


EasyFix is Easy Street Capital’s industry-leading financing solution for fix & flip investment properties.


EasyBuild is the perfect solution for home builders - construction loans serviced in-house from start to finish.

Wholesaling with Easy Street

✔ Speed

Same-day term sheets and 48 hour closings means no lender in the country can close more quickly. There’s a saying in Real Estate - Time kills deals! Don’t let a slow lender cause your deal to fall apart!

✔ Surety of Close

When Easy Street Capital issues an EasyFix or EasyBuild term sheet the value has already been finalized and the deal fully underwritten. Easy Street term sheets won’t be modified unless the borrower makes changes. No more waiting with your fingers crossed, hoping an appraisal comes in at value or an underwriter won’t change his mind at the closing table! Term Sheets from Easy Street are Term Sheets you can count on!

✔ Pre-approved Term Sheets for Deal Packages

Want to send out a deal to your buyers with financing pre-approved? Easy Street can provide term sheets before you send out your deal. Attach the Term Sheet to your deal package and give your buyers confidence Easy Street has already validated the deal with pre-approved financing. This confidence removes buyer indecisiveness and gets properties under contract quicker!

✔ Customer Service

Easy Street Capital takes immense pride in the borrower experience from closing through payoff. We know if our borrowers have a great experience, they’ll come back to us for their next loan and back to you for their next property. Rest assured we will do our best to ensure your buyer has top notch service from start to finish.

✔ Lead Sharing

We often are approached by borrowers exploring loan options who are still looking for the right property. We are happy to share these leads with our wholesaling partners. After all, we can’t originate a loan without a property and if you can find them a deal and we can provide financing it’s a win-win-win!

About Easy Street Capital

Easy Street Capital is a private real estate lender headquartered in Austin, Texas serving real estate investors around the country. Defined by an experienced team and innovative loan programs, Easy Street Capital is the ideal financing partner for real estate investors of all experience levels and specialties. Whether an investor is fixing and flipping, financing a cash-flowing rental, or building ground-up, we have a solution to fit those needs.


EasyFix is the industry leading Fix & Flip / Bridge loan product. No appraisal required, high leverage, and can close in 48 hours.


EasyRent provides long-term DSCR loans for cash-flowing investment properties up to 10 units, including short-term rentals.


EasyBuild is the easiest construction loan product in the country. Simplify your construction financing with a 48-hour draw process and the ability to close quicker than the competition.

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