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Real estate investors in The Centennial State are turning to DSCR Loans as a strategic tool to expand and manage their investment property portfolios. DSCR loans allow investors to secure financing based on the property's ability to generate income (rather than an investor's individual credit profile). In a market like Colorado, where real estate prices have shown steady growth and rental demand remains steady, DSCR loans offer investors a flexible and effective means to acquire new properties, improve existing ones, or refinance their assets. Easy Street Capital is proud to be a leading provider of DSCR loans for Colorado real estate investors looking to build rental portfolios! Check out our most recently funded DSCR loans in Colorado below:

Single-Family Residence

Longmont, CO

Loan Amount / $609,700
Rate / 8.375%

Purpose / Cash-Out Refinance
LTV / 70.0%

$609,700 Colorado DSCR Rental Loan for a Cash-Out Refinance of a rental property in Longmont. This property is currently being utilized as a short-term rental after undergoing extensive renovations such as brand new appliances, refurbishment of the pool, a hot tub, and a new roof.


Denver, CO

Loan Amount / $359,999
Rate / 9.000%

Purpose / Acquisition
LTV / 70.0%

$359,999 Colorado DSCR Rental Loan for an Acquisition of a rental property in Denver. This condo is in great condition and has an elegant modern facade with large windows, dual balconies, and contemporary finishes throughout the kitchen and bathrooms. The property will be utilized as a short-term rental upon acquisition.

Single-Family Residence

Leadville, CO

Loan Amount / $273,750
Rate / 7.875%

Purpose / Acquisition
LTV / 75.0%

$273,750 Colorado DSCR Rental Loan for a rental property in Leadville. This historical Victorian home has a cute front porch and a large fenced-in backyard and is located in the heart of Leadville. Close to the Rocky Mountains, several ski resorts as well as other recreational activities for visitors.

Single-Family Residence

Thornton, CO

Loan Amount / $252,000
Rate / 7.250%

Purpose / Cash-Out Refinance
LTV / 57.9%

$252,000 Colorado DSCR Rental Loan for a Cash-Out Refinance of a rental property in Thornton. Situated within walking distance to local elementary, middle, and high school and within close proximity to all necessary retail amenities, healthcare facilities, and employment opportunities. This property features three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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