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EasyRent is our tailored and industry-leading DSCR Loan solution for Michigan real estate investors. Whether you are acquiring property to expand your portfolio or cashing out your capital in a refinance, we have a loan for you. Our DSCR Lending Program has solutions for anyone – from first-time investors to industry veterans looking to rapidly scale their portfolios. We are confident we can find you a great Michigan DSCR loan in a quick, efficient and easy process. Click the button below and get started today!

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Michigan Recent DSCR Fundings

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Real estate investors in The Great Lake State are turning to DSCR Loans as a strategic tool to expand and manage their investment property portfolios. DSCR loans allow investors to secure financing based on the property's ability to generate income (rather than an investor's individual credit profile). In a market like Michigan, where real estate prices have shown steady growth and rental demand remains steady, DSCR loans offer investors a flexible and effective means to acquire new properties, improve existing ones, or refinance their assets. Easy Street Capital is proud to be a leading provider of DSCR loans for Michigan real estate investors looking to build rental portfolios! Check out our most recently funded DSCR loans in Michigan below:

Single-Family Residence

Linden, MI

Loan Amount / $513,000
Rate / 8.125%

Purpose / Rate-Term Refinance
LTV / 75.0%

$513,000 Michigan DSCR Rental Loan for a Rate-Term Refinance of a rental property in Linden. Situated on the north end of Lobdell Lake, this property features a beam pole barn with a covered patio, a hot tub, an outdoor fire pit, lakefront views, and an outbuilding with a pool table and additional space for recreation.

Single-Family Residence

Union Pier, MI

Loan Amount / $840,000
Rate / 8.375%

Purpose / Cash-Out Refinance
LTV / 70.0%

$840,000 Michigan DSCR Rental Loan for a Cash-Out Refinance of a rental property in Union Pier. This short-term rental features a recently updated kitchen, a hot tub, screened porched, and accessory unit deck. Located five miles north of New Buffalo, Union Pier is a popular lakeside destination known for its beautiful beaches, stunning views, and local wineries.


Detroit, MI

Loan Amount / $94,500
Rate / 9.375%

Purpose / Cash-Out Refinance
LTV / 70.0%

$94,500 Michigan DSCR Rental Loan for a Cash-Out Refinance of a rental property in Detroit. This Colonial-style property is located in a cozy, safe neighborhood filled with other historic bungalows and colonial-style homes that have been converted into duplexes.

Cash-Out Refinance

Midland, MI

Loan Amount / $371,000
Rate / 8.775%

Purpose / Cash-Out Refinance
LTV / 70.0%

Experienced borrower plans to use proceeds from their cash-flowing 8-unit property to expand their Michigan portfolio.

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