Texas Hard Money Loans

Texas Hard Money Loans

They say everything’s bigger in Texas and real estate is no different. Booming markets like Austin, Dallas, and Houston have seen people flock from all over the country to take advantage of the opportunity and stability that Texas provides.


With companies like Tesla and Indeed calling Texas home, the growth is not expected to slow any time soon as more jobs are created.


For real estate investors looking to capitalize on the influx of new residents in need of housing, Easy Street Capital is the perfect Texas hard money lender for financing their projects.


Easy Street’s unique approach offers fast, simple, and reliable financing for real estate investors regardless of experience or strategy. We take pride in providing an unparalleled level of customer experience focused on helping our borrowers win good deals and reach their goals.


Loan Programs


EasyFix is an industry-leading solution for real estate investors looking to purchase, rehab and sell or bridge an investment property. With competitive rates and terms, no appraisal requirements, and 48-hour closings, the EasyFix program has the highest percentage of repeat borrowers in the country.


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The BRRRR Strategy Explained


EasyRent is a tailored solution for cash-flowing investment properties. Whether it’s a single property or for an investor looking to add to their portfolio, EasyRent is the perfect fit. Short-term rentals are also available under our program. Combined with flexible and competitive terms, our team is focused on getting deals done.


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EasyBuild New Construction Loans


EasyBuild is the perfect solution for home builders. All loans are serviced in-house ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. EasyBuild is easy to navigate, and the entire process is incredibly straightforward and easy.


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What Our Borrowers Say

“Very responsive and helpful staff. Quick turnaround time, and an overall smooth and pleasant process.” – Herbert B.


Easy Street has funded our company on numerous occasions without any issues. Their rates are competitive, but their level of service is top notch.” – Jace G.


About Easy Street Capital


Easy Street Capital is a relationship-based investment real estate lender with loan programs for every borrower. Whether you are buying a property to fix up, building new construction, or generating cash flow from rental units, Easy Street Capital has the solution.

As a fully discretionary lender we have the ability to customize a loan specifically to meet your individual needs. We look forward to assisting you with your next project.

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