BRRRR Method Lending Partner

Easy Street Capital is America’s leading lender for investors utilizing the BRRRR Method (Buy → Rehab → Rent → Refinance → Repeat)!


The BRRRR method continues to soar in popularity among real estate investors, combining the value-add returns of renovators with the long-term cash flow of reliable rentals. The BRRRR strategy is unmatched in ability to grow and scale a real estate portfolio even with limited capital.


For our BRRRR Method Loans (BRRRR Loans), we offer industry-leading best-in-class options for the entirety of the BRRRR process. For the Buy and Rehab portion – Easy Street Capital’s EasyFix program provides hard money options for investors to move quickly to secure opportunities - 48-hour closes, 90% LTCs, and no appraisals required! For the Refinance portion – Easy Street Capital’s EasyRent program provides DSCR loan refinance options for investors to complete the process – including the ability to recoup up to 100% of investment costs in as little as 3 months!


Easy Street Capital is the perfect partner to help you BRRRR from start to finish - and to keep growing your portfolio!

Program Terms

  1. Rates starting at 9.900%
  2. No Appraisal Required!
  3. Up to 90% LTC / 70% LTV
  4. 48 Hour Closes!

Program Terms

  1. Rates starting at 5.99%
  2. Cash-Out Refinances (100% of investment)
  • Owned 3-6 Months - up to 70% of ARV
  • Owned 6+ Months - up to 75% of ARV
  1. No Income Verification, No Tax Returns!

Introduction to the BRRRR Method

7 Critical Tips Before You Start

Know the Order/Definition

Let’s start with a basic overview of BRRRR. What does each step in the process look like?

  • Buy – First comes finding a property in need of repair
  • Rehab – Then comes fixing the property
  • Rent – Once rehabbed, rent the property out to a tenant
  • Refinance – Take out a long-term loan and recoup your cash investment
  • Repeat - Doing it all over again with the same cash you started with

The first step in BRRRR is to find a property that needs repairs. Once you’ve found a property, you then need to fix it up, or rehab it. Once the property is rehabbed, you then need to rent it out to a tenant. After that, you can refinance the property, taking out a long-term loan. And then, you repeat the process.

Read "The Book" on BRRRR

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat is the book that started it all and is a must-read for those new to BRRRR. This book (available from BiggerPockets) is a great guide on everything it takes for effective implementation of the strategy. You can purchase it here:

BiggerPocket Bookstore

Know Your "Core 4"

No one can do it alone, it’s important to have a network of strategic partners you can trust. Having a rock-solid “Core 4” is crucial for anybody looking to BRRRR. A term coined by David Greene of BiggerPockets, your “Core 4” consists of: a real estate agent, contractor, property manager, and lender.

  • Real Estate Agent = One that knows the market and help find you deals
  • Contractor = To ensure the rehab is done well and one time
  • Property Manager = One that can manage the property after rehabbed & rented
  • Lender = to provide financing (more below)

Each party plays a necessary role in your success and makes each step significantly easier to execute.

CORE 4_2

For more information on the Core 4, check out this blog post.

Know Your Market

Typically, it makes the most sense for novice BRRRR investors to get started in their local market. Wherever you are investing, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the local real estate market. This means knowing things like the average price of properties in the area, the average rental rates, and the types of properties that are in demand. Big, rich companies continue to get beat out by small investors due to overlooking this! Staying informed on local real estate market conditions will allow you to identify worthwhile investment opportunities when they arise.

Check Your Rents

If you’re flipping a property, you only need to worry about the after-repair-value (ARV) since you plan to sell the property. With BRRRR, however, you need to know both the ARV and what the property will rent for after it’s rehabbed. Investors use tools like DealCheck to forecast typical long-term rents. Similar tools are available for Short Term Rental investors. Check out Easy Street Capital's STR Revenue Calculator powered by AirDNA!

Know the Misconceptions

While reading up on the BRRRR philosophy is a great foundation to build off of, not every BRRRR needs to be 100% by the book. As you gain experience and grow your portfolio, you may discover alternative ways to BRRRR that work better for your specific situation.


Top 5 Biggest Misconceptions about the BRRRR Method:

Misconception #1: You Need to Buy in All Cash to Start

Traditionally BRRRR deals are to be bought in all cash, to close quickly and win the deals vs. investors w/funding contingencies and risk. Especially in the super-hot and competitive market of 2020-2021.


This is not at all necessary. Using a private bridge lender that can finance the purchase/rehab loan quickly and efficiently will absolutely do the trick. Easy Street Capital can fund flips in 48 hours w/ no appraisal through our highly rated EasyFix program!

Misconception #2: You Must Commit to Hold (vs. Flip)

To the contrary, the best deals have optionality and ability to unemotionally pick the best strategy once rehab is finished (instead of being locked into holding permanently or flipping into an uncertain market).


Particularly in volatile markets like this, the superior strategy is to crunch the numbers once rehab is completed. Depending on what makes the most sense, you can sell or rent/refinance and hold once the property is fixed up. Hold firm on price and keep/refinance if your original target sale proceeds number isn’t hit!

Misconception #3: You Need To Rent It Out Long Term

With property values and interest rates skyrocketing this year, ability to cash flow can be tough, especially with high leverage &in top markets. Many investors think they can’t refinance unless rent > PITIA and a lease is signed, a tough ask.


However, a long-term lease that cash flows the property is NOT necessary. Savvy investors are utilizing investment properties as short term rentals (airbnb, etc.), which generally generates 2X income as a long-term rental. You can hold as a STR for the “Rent” piece of BRRRR and double cash flow!

Misconception #4: You Need to MAX Leverage and Leave No Equity in Your Property

Yes, a big draw for the BRRRR method is the seductive prospect of the cash-out refinancing leaving zero basis in your property and having a cash flowing rental for “free”.


BUT, with interest rates rising, its not absolutely necessary to take max leverage, especially heading into a potential recession – its OK to be conservative. Leaving $ in the property and a lower LTV (70% or 65%) is SMART, not a crime. A cushion and higher DSCR is 100% OK.

Misconception #5: You Need a Bank to Refinance

A lot of would-be BRRRR investors are hesitant because of nerves about the third R – refinance. What if I hit a snag and don’t qualify? Will “seasoning” requirements force me to hold for a year? What if the bank stops lending for whatever reason?


The Good News? You don’t need a traditional bank, there are private lenders that are super flexible and can provide refinancing quickly, efficiently and with competitive rates and leverage. BONUS – find a lender that do BOTH the purchase/rehab loan AND the cash-out refi.

resized renovation costs

Get Yourself a Great Lender

Having a relationship with a lender you can trust is paramount to a successful BRRRR. Ideally, you need to have a great lender that can do both a hard money loan for the purchase (“B”) and the refinance (the third “R”). Easy Street Capital is the ideal BRRRR lender, perfectly equipped to be a lending partner all the way through.


Our complementary EasyFix and EasyRent lending programs align with everything prospective BRRRR investors are looking for. Reach out to get your BRRRR journey started today and join thousands of other BRRRR investors securing funding from Easy Street Capital to grow their real estate portfolios.

The Easy Street Difference

Why are our BRRRR Loans different than the rest?

For Purchase and Rehab vs. Other Hard Money Lenders

Many real estate investors have turned to hard money loans to fund short-term real estate projects, typically to purchase and rehab a property in need of work in order to execute a “flip” and collect a profit. Hard Money Loans, despite the high interest rates and associated fees, have helped many investors build wealth through funding the bulk of investment costs – allowing investors to build wealth without spending years saving up to purchase properties in all cash. Hard Money Loans are also a useful tool for experienced investors that can handle multiple projects at once – and can seize opportunities without having all their capital tied up in projects one at a time. Investors looking to build a portfolio through the BRRRR Method can do so much quicker and opportunistically utilizing hard money for the B “Buy” and first “R” (Rehab)! All Hard Money Loans are not equal however. Here are some of the ways Easy Street Capital’s hard money loans are best suited for BRRRR Method investors:


No Appraisals Required – Most hard money lenders will require a third-party appraisal in order to provide financing for the purchase and rehab of an investment property suited for the BRRRR strategy. This not only adds extra time before being able to purchase – but also introduces risks of the financing falling through (if the appraised value comes back too low, for example). The best BRRRR method investors know that speed is of utmost importance when opportunities are found – and the ability to compete with cash offers by not needing an appraisal (Easy Street Capital can close EasyFix hard money BRRRR loans within 48 hours!) is a game-changer! Oh yeah – and that’s a $500-$1,000 savings on closing costs (no appraisal fee!)


Competitive Rates / Points – Easy Street Capital’s rates for Hard Money Loans start at just 9.9% for experienced investors. With standard rates ranging to 12.9% and origination points of just 2-3% (with NO Junk Fees), the costs are on the low end of the hard money spectrum and generally allow for the numbers to work on BRRRR method calculators.


In-House Refinance Option – Easy Street Capital is the ideal hard money lender for BRRRR method investors because it also offers an industry leading DSCR Loan platform for the refinance portion of the process. Many Hard Money Lenders only offer hard money – so as soon as your loan is funded, you have to start worrying about finding yet another lender for the refinance. BRRRR Method investors that want to refinance would have to start the whole loan application and process over again with a different lender – more time, more paperwork, more headaches instead of finding the next deal. However, Hard Money Lenders that also offer 30-year fixed rate refinance DSCR Loans like Easy Street Capital are more flexible, so borrowers can refinance the loan with the same lender, significantly cutting down time spent on refinancing, which generally leads to a smoother, quicker and more stress-fee BRRRR.

For Refinance vs. Conventional or other DSCR Lenders

Refinancing is one of the most important parts of BRRRR method success. Getting a BRRRR Loan once the property is rehabbed and rented is key to make the BRRRR strategy work. Refinancing right means getting your capital back to continue to build your portfolio. It is also key to locking in an income stream that can last for decades. When it comes to refinancing, investors generally have a few options, primarily “conventional loans” or loans offered by most mortgage lenders that follow guidance issued by Fannie Mae or “DSCR Loans” or loans issued by private lenders like Easy Street Capital. Here are some of the ways Easy Street Capital’s DSCR loans are the best BRRRR Loans for refinancing, both compared to conventional loans and to other DSCR Lenders:


Speed – The key to the BRRRR method is the “velocity of money” or how quickly you can use the same capital over and over again to build a portfolio. In purchasing a property in the BRRRR method, you will use hard-earned cash (capital) for the down payment and typically a portion of the renovation costs. In a cash-out refinance, you get that same money back to purchase another property, while adding another property to your portfolio! Thus, the speed that you can execute BRRRR strategy cycles is of utmost importance. An investor that can do one BRRRR investment per year with his or her initial capital will have 10 rental properties after a decade, but a BRRRR investor doing four a year will have forty – massive difference! As of April 1, 2023, Fannie Mae updated its rules for conventional BRRRR Loans to a minimum seasoning (how long the property is owned) period from six to 12 months! This made it much tougher for BRRRR method investors utilizing conventional financing – limited to refinancing once per year! In contrast, Easy Street Capital DSCR BRRRR Loans allow cash-out refinances (with 100% of your capital expended back) in as little as three months! Thus, an investor could use the same capital to do four BRRRR deals in a year, quadruple the amount of properties added to the portfolio versus an investor relying on conventional financing!


Valuation – The value that your DSCR Lender is going to use for the refinance BRRRR Loan is very important. Many DSCR Lenders have traditionally (and still do) will use the lower of the third-party appraised value and the cost basis (purchase price + renovation costs) for qualification if the cash-out refinance is done within a year (or for some lenders, within six months of purchase). This is problematic for BRRRR investors because one of the main draws of the BRRRR method is the ability to “force appreciation” – the idea behind flipping and BRRRR in that the value created in a newly renovated property is greater than the costs. If this wasn’t common – the entire “flipping” industry wouldn’t work! However, many DSCR lenders are cautious when it comes to valuation, thus restricting the ability to recycle your capital through cash-out proceeds (the other main draw of the BRRRR strategy!). Easy Street Capital is the best DSCR Lender for BRRRR Loans because we will use the appraised value (even if significantly higher than the cost basis) for a cash-out seasoning in as little as 3 months! Thus, for BRRRR method investors that want to maximize success with BRRRR – Easy Street Capital is the best option.


AirBnBRRRR Friendly – The second R in the BRRRR method stands for “rent.” Pretty much every lender doing BRRRR Loan refinances, whether conventional, bank or DSCR, will require the property to be rented to a long-term tenant before proceeding. However, like many real estate investors in general, many BRRRR method real estate investors have also moved towards short term rentals, which can produce twice the revenue than traditional long term rentals! Many investors have even combined the two hot investing strategies for “AirBnBRRRR” projects, generating the highest returns by turning properties in need of rehab into stunning STRs instead of buying turnkey. However, the only problem was that lenders wouldn’t give out cash-out refinances to properties newly utilized as short term rentals, requiring a long-term lease or a full year of operations (thus ruining the main advantage of the BRRRR method). Enter Easy Street Capital - America’s leading lender in Short Term Rentals, we are unique in supporting investors combining STR investing and BRRRR investing (“AirBnBRRRR”), with our DSCR Cash-Out Refinances not requiring properties to be rented out long-term nor requiring a 12-month operating seasoning period! In fact, we will offer a full maximum leverage BRRRR method refinance within the same 3 months on a property utilized as a short term rental – all that’s required is proof of listing and one completed booking!


What is the BRRRR Method?

The BRRRR Method stands for “Buy Rehab Rent Refinance Repeat.” It is a real estate investing strategy that involves purchasing properties and creating value through renovations, but instead of “flipping” once the rehab is completed, the investor rents the property out, refinances the financing into a long-term, fixed-rate loan and then repeats the process to build a real estate portfolio!


What is a BRRRR Loan?

A BRRRR Loan refers to a mortgage loan financing a real estate investor following the BRRRR Method. A BRRRR Loan could be a hard money loan used to finance the buying and renovations of a property or it could refer to a refinance loan used when the property is fully rehabbed and rented.


Do you have to pay cash to BRRRR?

No. BRRRR strategy investors can choose to purchase and renovate properties under the BRRRR method with all cash or choose to use a hard money loan for the majority of the costs. Many BRRRR method investors choose to use hard money financing to be able to afford higher-value properties and generate larger returns. BRRRR Method investors that choose a hard money lender such as Easy Street Capital that doesn’t require appraisals for its EasyFix hard money loans are able to compete with cash offers.


Is BRRRR better than flipping?

It depends on many factors, including each individual investors’ financial situation, goals, skill set and the market environment. Many of the best real estate investors have diversified strategies are open to flipping versus doing BRRRR as the realities of the individual property and market dictate. Easy Street Capital is rare among DSCR Lenders in that we don’t penalize or restrict refinances on flips that are put on the market and the investor changes their mind and wants to keep and refinance!


What states does Easy Street Capital offer BRRRR Loans in?

We offer EasyFix Hard Money Loans for the first two steps of BRRRR Method in every state except Minnesota, North Dakota, Nevada, New York and South Dakota. We offer EasyRent DSCR refinance Loans in every state except North Dakota, Nevada and South Dakota.


How Much Money do you need for the BRRRR Method?

Generally it is recommended to have between $75,000 and $100,000 budgeted for investing in the BRRRR Method. However, if financing the purchase and renovations with a hard money loan from Easy Street Capital, you can get started with less cash, as we will finance up to 90% LTC (Loan-To-Cost) of the purchase and rehab. This means a borrower financing the BRRRR Method with Easy Street Capital will need a minimum 10% down payment.


What is the minimum loan amount for Easy Street Capital’s BRRRR Loans?

The minimum loan amount for BRRRR Loans from Easy Street Capital is $75,000. This is for both our EasyFix Hard Money Loan program and EasyRent DSCR Refinance Loan program.


What are the advantages to using Hard Money instead of Cash for the BRRRR Method?

The main advantages of using hard money BRRRR Loans include getting started faster, increasing your portfolio faster and getting higher leverage (LTV) on the refinance.


Many sellers only consider cash offers for the best properties for the BRRRR Method, how can I compete if I use a hard money loan for the BRRRR Method?

Cash offers are often preferred by sellers because the sale can close much quicker and with less risk of falling through versus buyers relying on financing. The most common reason that a deal will fall through is that most hard money lenders require an appraisal, and that can take a couple weeks and comes with the risk the valuation comes in low, killing the deal. Easy Street Capital is the best BRRRR Loan lender because our hard money loans do not require and appraisal, thus making buyers financing with Easy Street Capital fully competitive with cash buyers!


What does ARV mean with regards to the BRRRR Method?

ARV is a real estate term referring to “After-Repair Value.” It refers to the estimated value of the property once the planned rehab is completed.


What is the maximum loan amount for hard money loans used by BRRRR strategy investors offered by Easy Street Capital?

Easy Street Capital currently offers maximum loan amounts of 90% of Cost (purchase price + rehab costs) and 70% of the estimated ARV (LTV).


How quickly can Easy Street Capital close a hard money loan?

Easy Street Capital’s EasyFix hard money loans can close and fund in as little as 48 hours!


What is Seasoning in the context of the BRRRR Method?

Seasoning in real estate investing refers to the amount of time, measured in months, between the purchase date of the property and the date you refinance the property with a new mortgage loan.


What is Cost Basis in the context of the BRRRR Method?

Cost Basis refers to how much money has been spent by the investor in the first two steps of the BRRRR Method – the purchase price and the cost of renovations.


What is a Cash-Out Refinance in the context of the BRRRR Method?

A cash-out refinance in real estate finance is a refinance mortgage loan (either on a property owned free and clear with no debt or in conjunction with paying off the old mortgage) in which the borrower receives greater than $2,000 in proceeds. Proceeds are generally determined by subtracting the payoff loan amount, closing costs and any escrows from the new loan amount.


What is a Rate-Term Refinance in the context of the BRRRR Method?

A rate-term refinance in real estate finance is a refinance mortgage loan in which the borrower receives less than $2,000 in proceeds at closing or has to bring additional funds to cover payoffs, closing costs and escrows.


What is the minimum seasoning requirement for a Cash-Out Refinance BRRRR Loan?

Easy Street Capital offers cash-out refinance DSCR Loans for investors utilizing the BRRRR Method in as little as three months! This is significantly faster than conventional lenders, which have a full year (four times as long!) seasoning requirement. In addition, many other DSCR Lenders that offer BRRRR refinance loans, have a six-month seasoning requirement for cash-out refinances.


What is the minimum seasoning requirement for a Rate-Term Refinance BRRRR Loan?

Easy Street Capital has no seasoning requirements for BRRRR Loan rate-term refinances!


What is the maximum LTV (Loan-To-Value) of a Refinance BRRRR Method Loan from Easy Street Capital?

Easy Street Capital understands that maximizing leverage on the refinance is extremely important to BRRRR Method investors. In order to help our borrower partners succeed, we offer up to 75% LTVs on Cash-Out Refinances and 80% on Rate-Term Refinances, higher than almost all other DSCR Lenders!


What value is used for the Cash-Out Refinance for Easy Street Capital’s DSCR BRRRR Loans?

While most DSCR Lenders will utilize the lower of the cost basis (purchase price + renovation costs) and third-party appraised value to calculate maximum LTV, Easy Street Capital will use the third-party appraised value (even if significantly higher!) as long as the qualifying credit score is above 700!


What is a DSCR Loan in the context of the BRRRR Method?

DSCR Loans are mortgage loans secured by residential real estate turnkey properties strictly used for a business purpose and underwritten primarily based on the property. They are popular with BRRRR method investors due to flexible underwriting requirements and easier qualification versus bank or conventional financing.


How does the BRRRR strategy work with regards to getting a “free” rental property?

Many real investors love the BRRRR method because if executed properly, at the end of the process, you get all of the money you invested in buying and rehabbing the property back and you also have a cash-flowing rental property in your portfolio! This works because you can do a cash-out refinance in which the new loan amount is equal to your cost basis (purchase plus renovations costs) and you also own a rental property. This is because the After-Repair Value of the property is often greater than the costs of purchasing and renovating the property, a concept often referred to as “forced appreciation.”


How does the BRRRR method work if I want to invest with partners in an LLC?

Many BRRRR investors execute the BRRRR method with partners, as complementary skill sets are often beneficial to success in real estate. If you are looking to invest with partners or in an LLC, the main difference is that for financing, particularly the refinance, will need to be done with a DSCR Lender (which allows investors to borrow in an LLC or partnership) instead of with conventional loans (which only allow for individual borrowers).


What is AirBnBRRRR?

AirBnBRRRR refers to a twist on the BRRRR method in which the property is rented as a short term rental rather than on a long-term lease in the “rent” portion of BRRRR. Short Term Rental investing is becoming more and more popular among real estate investors, and many investors are leasing their properties as a STR, including when using the BRRRRR strategy.


Can I get a BRRRR Loan if I am renting the property as a Short Term Rental?

Many lenders, including DSCR Lenders, do not allow refinances under the BRRRR method if the property is utilized as a STR, requiring a long-term lease or the property to operate for at least 12 months prior to refinancing. Easy Street Capital, however, is the Best DSCR Lender for investors utilizing the “AirBnBRRRR” strategy because we do not require long-term leases in the “rent” portion of the BRRRRR Method. Easy Street Capital will allow for refinances at full leverage and no restrictions if utilized as a short term rental, only requiring documentation that the property is listed on a booking platform and documented proof of one completed booking.


What is the 70% Rule for BRRRR?

The 70 Rule for BRRRR represents the general rule of thumb that when evaluating a property to purchase using the BRRRR strategy, you should be only doing deals in which the costs are projected to be 70% or less than the ARV (After-Repair-Value).


What is the 1% Rule for the BRRRR Method?

The 1% Rule for the BRRRR method the general rule of thumb that when evaluating a property to purchase using the BRRRR strategy, you should only do deals in which the monthly rent once renovations are completed is 1% or greater than the purchase price plus renovation costs for the property (your cost basis).


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Smooth and Easy Closings

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Zach Edelman at East Street Capital was instrumental in our successful short-term rental investment purchase. His deep understanding of investment strategies and market nuances, combined with exceptional communication, made the process efficient and transparent. Zach's professionalism and dedication to client success make him an outstanding choice for any real estate investor! I’m planning to use Zach and Easy Streer Capital for future purchases and refinances. Thanks again team!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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My team and I recently had the pleasure of Zach Edelman from Easy Street Capital, and he and his team, Amanda Werth in particular were excellent. We used their DSCR loan program for an investment/ rental home and we turned to Zach after we spent nearly two months with another lender rep that simply promised and did not even know his own guidelines. But, Zach and Amanda saved the day, not only did Zach pull it off in record time, but he got us even better terms than we thought we could get prior. Zach and Amanda and their team were great to work with: they were very responsive, informative, friendly, and best of all they got it done. Thank you from the whole crew of mine... we will be back to do more business with this team for sure.

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I had a very great experience working with Easy Street Capital. My loan officer Zachary and the Credit Analyst Abby worked diligently to get 3 loans done. There was always communication and updates which I really valued. Getting 3 loans done was a tough one but not for them. I appreciate both of them and can’t say enough about them. Highly recommended! Again, thank you.

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Jarell was a great help every step of the way. He was very responsive anytime I reached out and to provide updates. I really felt like Jarell was doing everything in my best interest. I will use him for many more loans to come.

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This entire processes was so fast and easy. They turned the entire file around in less than a week and we were funded and closed with minimal prior to fund requirements. Jarell was very responsive as was the entire processing team. I will use them on all my investments!

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It has been a pleasure working with Easy Street, not only do they make the entire process super easy, they are extremely quick with anything I have needed. They close super quick and have the easiest draw process for construction. Highly recommend Easy Street Capital. Amanda Hart who always helps me has great communication skills and has been there for anything I need. So thankful for Easy Street Capital, they have made my fix and flip loans extremely easy to work with and have made it one less thing to worry about in my Real Estate Career. Thank you once again Easy Street Capital!

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They are really the truth!! Funded in 48hrs!!! Jarell and Samantha were great to work with!! Definitely would recommend

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Easy Street closed my deal in very short time after I fired the other lender for giving me the run around. The draw process was very straightforward and simple. Given this current high interest rate climate, they were easy to work with until I decided I found reasonable long term funding. I would use them again if I get stuck and need someone to close quickly. Amanda Hart is super fast!

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I worked with Zach Edelman from Easy Street Capital, and he and his team were simply excellent. I was looking to refinance my short term rental property and was working with another lender that simply could not provide what I needed. I turned to Zach 3 weeks before my loan was due. Not only did Zach pull it off in record time, but he got us even better terms than we thought we could get. Zach and his team were great to work with: they were responsive, quick, informative, friendly, and best of all they got it done. Thank you!

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Behind every great company and service provider are the people who provide that service. Easy Street Capital is a wonderful example of this in todays competitive market. My representative is Amanda Hart and she is someone who works for you and does so with a drive and purpose that it makes you feel like she’s just as invested as we are in our success and that is a rare rare find today. I wish you the best of luck in your future deals which simply means that I hope you are lucky enough to work with Amanda to fund them all.

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Zach & Eli at Easy Street assisted with 2 purchases for me recently and were extremely responsive, very helpful in figuring out loan options to get me in the best financial positions for my goals right now, and great at navigating appraisal issues (which I expected - I am pretty well versed in real estate transactions and knew there would be an appraisal issue here, it was not anything that resulted from Easy Street's handling of the loan!) And did I mention extremely responsive?? Never had to wait to hear back from them when I had a question or requested an update!

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Albeiro I. | Aug 16, 2023

You Won’t be Disappointed!

My partners found Easy Street Capital on the bigger pockets forum and I cannot express how great this lender is. Zach, my loan officer is VERY responsive, fast, and honest. They've made the process so easy compared to other lenders I've dealt with from the past. They have great rates & low minimum which really helps us in the area we are investing. Jill who does the back office work was awesome to work with as well. She answered all of my questions and assured me everything was going well. Definitely choose Easy Street Capital for you next loan/investment funding. I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

Milwaukee L. | Aug 15, 2023

My Lender of Choice!

Let me praise Stephen King. I had another lender promise a ten to day close and then extended to 20 days the day before closing. I knew who I had to call. Stephen took my call late this past Thursday, me out and didn't bat an eye. I gave his team heard everything they needed and they closed bridge in less than a 24 hours. You guys are my lender of choice now, no question. Stephen deserves acclaimation. This client was also my largest referral source and was his this personal deal Thank you for making me look like a hero!

Matthew B. | Aug 08, 2023

Smoothest Experience

Out of my 5 years in real investing my most recent transaction with Stephen King at Easy Street has been by far the smoothest experience. They were able to close my deal in 5 days, high level of professionalism and communication. Would recommend to anyone.

Horace H. | Aug 08, 2023

Offering Guidance

I can honestly say that Easy Street Capital was a delight to work with!! Everyone was so kind and helpful while going through the process of my hard money loan. I was surprised by how “easy” they were to work with as a newbie and even with unforeseen delays they were patient and cooperated in a professional manner. Amanda Hart was my initial contact and she is amaZing to work with!! She was my initial draw to the company and why I decided to move forward on my loan. I had and have immense confidence in this woman to guide and direct me as she would do her very own family member. I highly HIGHLY recommend her and this company for your hard money needs!!!! Find out how for yourself how “easy” Easy Street can be! Contact Amanda Hart!

Nina J. | Aug 05, 2023

Go-To Lender

I wouldn’t go anywhere else to fund my deals.

Juan G. | Sep 21, 2022

An Outstanding Job!

I used Zach Edelman to refinance my hard money loan into a short-term rental mortgage. He and his team did an outstanding job 👏 it was quick, easy and at good rates. Highly recommend for anyone looking to do so.

Austin C. | Aug 08, 2022

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