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Borrower Spotlight

Our borrower's are some extremely talented and hard working people! We are excited to share their stories highlighting their success. 

DFW Investor Finds Success with Texas Hard Money Lender

46246742_811865605811277_5257868542509842432_oGreg Shyne is a borrower of ours who flips affordable properties in the DFW area. He has financed three properties with Easy Street Capital, which we both hope is just the beginning! We briefly spoke with Greg, to learn about his experience working with lenders and what advice he has for others who are interested in getting started with their own investment projects.

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Dallas Area Investor Completes First Hard Money Flip Project Through a Joint Venture

Ethan_BorrwoerWe recently spoke with Ethan Wadsworth, a first-time homebuyer and new borrower of Easy Street Capital, who spoke about his experience teaming up with a familiar face to finance with us using a hard money loan. Ethan’s first flip and fix project was a joint venture with an old acquaintance, Fernando Batista, who has been in the industry for 34 years and has completed over 4,000 flips in the DFW area. The two were racquetball friends and played together all over Texas and surrounding states. Once they came to terms with what they each did professionally, the decision to pair up was easy and the partnership seemed to be a great fit.

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Houston Investor Discovers the Benefits of Easy Money Loan from Easy Street Capital

renaeRenae Velasquez, co-owner of Valiant Investment Properties, is a great example of one of our talented borrowers who was originally weary of this type of loan. She was afraid that if she moved forward with this funding, the interest rate would be too high and she would spend too much money overall. However, after her experience with Easy Street Capital, her viewpoint has completely changed. We recently spoke with Renae regarding her experience using hard money loans to flip various investment properties.

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Borrower Spotlight: Austin Borrowers Become Full-Time Real Estate Investors with Help of Hard Money Loans

Image-11Anna and Ernie Homer didn’t think they would end up leaving their secure corporate careers and Austin, Texas home to live in a travel trailer and pursue real estate investing full-time in Corpus Christi. Thankfully, Anna has family in both real estate and construction in Corpus Christi which made building a reliable team that they could trust so easy. Their family background, and the opportunity to work with more affordable homes, is what influenced their decision to invest outside their local Austin market.

One interesting angle Anna and Ernie are going to take on their fix and flips projects is targeting the smaller homes. This will give them the chance to have multiple projects going at once.

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Borrower Spotlight: Experienced Flipper Begins Major New Construction Project with the Help of a Hard Money Loan

IMG_0459_v2We offer different loan programs to help our borrowers meet their unique project needs and goals. We hear a lot about successful fix and flip projects, but what about new construction? We recently sat down with Christopher Senegal, one of our repeat Houston Borrowers, who after completing 20 different fix and flip projects and having success with Hard Money Loans, decided to switch gears and begin a major new construction project with us.

Our borrowers come from all walks of life and many of them have had careers previous becoming real estate investors that had nothing to do with real estate. Their stories can be inspiration for anyone who has had the dream of jumping into real estate, but too scared to leave their current job and/or career.

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Borrower Spotlight: Houston Mom Begins the Transition Into Full-Time Investor with the Help of a Hard Money Loan


There are those who can jump right into becoming a full-time Real Estate Investor and there are those who are taking the transition one step at a time. Here at Easy Street Capital, we believe there is no right or wrong speed to welcome investment real estate into your life, especially if it is a dream of yours.

We recently sat down with Ellen Hurtado, a first-time Houston, Texas flipper who is slowing making the transition from Physical Therapist to Real Estate Investor.

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Borrower Spotlight: California Nurse Completes First Flip Project in Record Time with the Help of a Hard Money Loan 

FullSizeRender-1It is assumed by many that a more experienced investor can flip a property much faster than someone who is completing their first major project.

This was not the case for our first-time Borrower Sharon Gerdes, a registered nurse from Fontana, California, who just completed her first fix and flip with Easy Street Capital and got the property under contract with a buyer only 3 days after placing it on the market.

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Borrower Spotlight: San Antonio Air Force Lieutenant Finds Investment Success Using a Hard Money Loan 

Easy Street Spotlight PicJason Lee, one of our talented San Antonio Borrowers, proves that age is just a number as he is only 23 and has successfully flipped 2 investment properties. His latest flip received 9 offers in the first 3 days it was on the market and ultimately sold for more than 10K over asking price.

Jason graduated the United States Air Force Academy last year and is currently stationed at the Lackland Air Force Base.

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